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Welcome to the points-to-ponder S5 Systems’ thought provoking monthly e-letter; in these periodicals, we bring you a discussion of the issues and ideas that affect project managers, software managers and project leaders.

Practical Tips To Software Quality – Part I – Do we Need A Quality Process?

This is the first in a series of e-letters on software quality and the quality process required to create quality software.
October, 2008 view…


Managing Projects For Success

Project Managers believe if good and detailed plans are created and followed closely, projects will get done on time. However that is not reality- as we all know from experience that in the real world projects have too many uncertainties which cause the project plans to go haywire, sometimes very close to the start.
August, 2008 view…


Why Do Projects Fail?
Is it not customary for us in the high-tech to see most – if not all our projects delayed and many-a-times taking more than double the time initially planned?
July, 2008 view…


Building The Right Team

Is there a right team for a project? How do I build the right team for my project? Let’s investigate if knowing programmers personality can help in creating the right team.
June, 2008 view…

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