“Second project was when I contacted S5 to do PV work .. The result was a very thorough job impressively documented at a very reasonable price. Further more the work was done on schedule, to the day, despite the fact that the job was nearly complete by the time the Mitel process got the contract straightened out demonstrating that S5 is willing to accept reasonable risk without finger pointing to meet commitments” – Graham Thomson, Mitel

“S5 brings together significant expertise on embedded platforms over a range of domains – Linux, RISC processors and Java VMs. They helped us expand our product offerings on to new platforms while helping improve performance of the virtual machine. I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for embedded systems expertise” – Regi Roy, Espial.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire S5 Systems in other Telular project — time and time again S5 team showed that they didn’t just care about their bottom line, but Telular’s continued success. I recommend S5 Systems’ to any company that needs to reduce time-to-market of their products. - Sean Stewart Director, Software Engineering


“S5 Systems has been a very proactive and flexible software development partner for Telular. In our largest Telguard project of 2008, the team at S5 was tasked with implementing perhaps the most difficult sub system. Due to the complexity of the job, I expected S5 (and anyone else for that matter) would have a much more difficult time with it than they did. We were pleasantly surprised when S5 was able to deliver firmware that performed exactly to our specifications – on time and with very high quality. Throughout our experiences with S5, they have demonstrated a high level of expertise in embedded software, hardware, and wireless technologies.” Heath Glass, Director of Firmware Development, Telular Corp.

I hired S5 Systems when I was looking for expertise in many different development areas including Linux, Solaris, Java, Embedded development, networking etc. We had a very tight timeframe and needed an outsource partner that would hit the ground. S5 met our expectations, immediately, without hand holding, took on the challenging task of porting our Linux solution to Solaris 10. S5′s professional and enthusiastic team became part of our extended engineering team …. – Jeannie Vineyard, President Quality and Outsourcing, Egenera

Sierra Wireless selected S5 Systems due to its reputation and demonstrated ability of delivering quality software on time in a cost effective manner. S5′s team quickly and professionally engaged Sierra Wireless’ development team, encountering time zone challenges. Despite the challenges, S5 exceeded the expectations of our engagement, delivering to us on time quality software within budget. I highly recommend S5 Systems to any company looking for a dedicated, easy to work with team in the embedded/wireless/Linux space – Matthew Dukleth, Project Manager, Sierra Wireless

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