S5 Expertise

Our expertise is in development of embedded telecom products based on following technologies:

exp1 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – Our expertise includes expertise with BLE protocols, TI CC2541, CC2540 chipsets, Android BLE application development, iOS BLE application development, Linux Bluez stack and Windows 8 BLE development.


exp2 Zigbee – Design of Zigbee based products developed based on commercially available from vendors like Digi, Telegesis based on TI, Atmel and other chipsets using ZigBee Pro stack, HA and SE profile.


exp3 Linux based Products – Complete products development using existing Linux embedded boards such as Raspberry Pi, Beagle Board. The software we provide includes automatic discovery, web based product configuration, automatic internet update and automatic restarts.
exp4 Alarms and Home Monitoring – Experts in Honeywell’s Vista20p, Vista 15p product line, having reversed engineering Honeywell’s ECP bus, Compass software and other related protocols.
exp4 Android and iOS development – Specialized mobile application product development. More details can be found at – www.s5mobilesystems.com.

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