About S5

Located in Canada’s “Silicon Valley North” – Ottawa, S5 Systems is an embedded telecom Solutions Company that helps businesses across the telecom value chain accelerates product development life cycles. With over 15 years of telecom and embedded product development experience, S5 has developed a proven ability to reduce time-to-market of telecom and embedded while decreasing development costs.

With clients such as Nortel, Mitel, Siemens, Motorola and with extensive product development experience in telecom and wireless networking fields, we provide expertise such as protocol development, creating device drivers, developing/porting embedded software, porting OS to new hardware, BSP, and much more.

S5 using an optimal mix of resources and taking advantage of generous Canadian R+D programs provides Canada-based expertise at a substantial cost reduction.

If your plans involve adding additional operating systems to your portfolio of products or migrating to a new OS, migrating existing applications to new hardware then our porting experience will help reduce your time to market. If you are looking for senior embedded development expertise, please contact us for more information.

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